We provide the following assessments or treatments:

FCE (Functional Capacity Evaluation)

The purpose of a FCE is to evaluate the physical and functional abilities of an individual. It determines if an individual can do their job safely. It also determines an individual's motivation or the lack there of. It is an important tool that is used to assist employers, physicians, payors, and attorneys in determining safe functional levels for an individual to return to work. Most FCE's are performed for Workers Compensation, personal injury or disability management cases. FCE's provide documentation that utilizes a proprietary scoring system that's validated through peer reviewed research and defensible in court.

These tests are ordered by a physician.



We offer pre-work screens for specific employers. The purpose is to ensure that employees hired for specific positions meet the physical requirements of the job tasks. The screen includes: testing blood pressure, heart rate, pulmonary function, musculoskeletal screen, balance, squatting, stairs, kneeling, grossly motor testing, grip testing, lifting, carrying, and pushing and pulling objects.



A Work Conditioning/Hardening program is an individualized program that helps improve overall strength, endurance, movement, and flexibility in order to return to work. It focuses on the functional aspect of the individual's job requirements. The sessions consist of work simulation tasks as well as general strength and conditioning activities. Each session ranges from 1 to 4 hours per day for up to 5 days per week for 1 to 3 months.